I have a dream. A dream where I am a renowned author of amazing prose. A dream where people know me as a wonderful writer and storyteller. And I don't want to wake up.

So, I've set this to be my goal. I will become an amazing writer through hard work and determination. And by working on something called deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice must have 4 things to qualify:

  1. You must be motivated to attend to the task and exert effort to improve your performance.
  2. The design of the task should take into account your pre-existing knowledge so that the task may be correctly understood after a period of instruction.
  3. You should receive immediate, informative feedback and knowledge of the results of your performance.
  4. You should repeatedly perform the same or similar tasks.

This is what I am trying to achieve through this blog. I am engaging in repeated and deliberate practice in my writing skills, and I need you, dear reader, to help me do it. I would like to entreat each and every one of you to please review each entry I place on this blog as cruelly and specifically as you can. I welcome criticism, for it will lead me to improvement and growth.

And I'll thank you for every word.

I'm going to be writing 1 short story every week and posting it on here for your pleasure. I hope you like them, and that you can help me reach my goal of becoming a better writer.

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