So, I've blogged before. And stopped blogging before. Twice. Not because I don't like it. I do! But because I get bogged down in the stresses of the moment and just stop. Will that happen again? Probably. Will I get back up and try, try again? Definitely!

If you'd like to look at what I'm trying to do with my life, the changes I'm trying to enact, check out my blog, Some Are Made.

Essentially, the things you need to know are this:

  • I'm a writer.
  • I'm writing 1 short story every week, probably for the rest of my life.
  • I'm going to be posting my short stories here for your critique.
  • I'm hell-bent on being a professional author one day.
  • I'm trying to change my life.

I'm pleased to meet all of you, and if you'd like to contact me, e-mail me at or

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